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Adam Carpets

Adam Carpets has been creating fine quality carpets for more than three quarters of a century and many of their specialist skills have been passed down to different generations of the same family.

Every single colour, of every single range of their carpets, is made in the Adam Carpets factory in Kidderminster.  They test every batch of every carpet range made to ensure high standards of quality are maintained.  They only use the finest materials available to make carpets and will not cheapen them by using sub-standard ingredients.

Adam Carpets use Wool in all domestic ranges with the vast majority being 80% Wool/20% Nylon.  This has been proved to be the finest blend that you can use. In all their ranges they are proud to use British Wool.  This wool is prized for its bulk and springy handle. It is ideally suited for carpets that will wear well and retain their wonderful appearance to give you lasting pleasure and comfort.

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