Durley Mattress & Divan Bed Set

Durley Mattress & Divan Bed Set

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Enchanted House Beds Durley

An Enchanted House Beds mattress has been made to the highest calibre in their Dartmoor based factory, using locally sourced premium materials.  Your bed will be handcrafted with meticulous care to ensure the perfect finish and a comfort like no other, so you get the best night’s sleep.  Enchanted House Beds are renowned for their luxurious beds of exceptional quality, which grace homes and hotels across the world.

Natural Fillings – Contained within this mattress is an assortment of natural fillings of the highest quality.  Hand teased wool from the Enchanted House Beds own Dartmoor flock of sheep, horse tail, and cotton.

Pocket Springs – The pocket sprung core of 1200* springs provides you with localised support exactly where you need it, allowing you to get that well deserved rest.  You can choose the tension rating that best suits your way of sleep, either soft, medium, or firm.

Cover – The cotton mattress covering is naturally fire retardant and chemical free, finished with pure wool hand tied tufts and 2 rows of traditional stitching along the sides.

Extended Life – Both sides of the mattress can be slept on, which will help to keep its shape and extend the life and performance.  It is recommended that you turn and rotate it regularly.


  • Small Single Bed (75cm)
  • Single Bed (90cm)
  • Small Double Bed (120cm)
  • Double Bed (135cm)
  • King Bed (150cm)
  • Super King Bed (180cm)
  • Large Super King Bed (200cm)
  • Emperor Bed (215cm)
  • King Zip & Link Bed (150cm)
  • Super King Zip & Link Bed (180cm)
  • Large Super King Zip & Link Bed (200cm)
  • Emperor Zip & Link Bed (215cm)

Available as:

  • Mattress Only
  • Divan Set
  • Large End Drawer Divan Set
  • 2 Drawer Divan Set
  • 2+2 Drawer Continental Divan Set
  • 4 Drawer Divan Set

Design options:

  • You can specify the type of divan base to pair your mattress with; either a traditional deep divan, or a more elegant shallow divan base.  For extra comfort while you sleep, a sprung base will help you achieve this.
  • With the shallow divan base, you can pick from a range of stylish legs and feet.
  • Choose from a large selection of fabrics to cover your divan base, and match your Enchanted House Beds headboard in the same to create a stunning centrepiece for your bedroom.

*Spring count per king size bed (150cm).

You can try this bed by visiting one of our furniture stores.  Please see below for where it will be on display.

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