The Tajoma Dojo is a modern and cosy recliner chair, which gently hugs you to provide that much needed rest.  With fabric or leather options, you can choose a style to suit the design of your room.  The chair is a ‘wall hugger’ as it only requires 12cm of space behind it, meaning you can maximise the space in front.  With the lift and rise option, descending and ascending from the chair couldn’t be easier.

Available Pieces

  • Manual Recliner Chair – Lever operation releases the footrest to an elevated position, with a push-back function to recline the backrest.
  • Electric Recliner Chair (Single Motor) – Integral 2 button control operates the single motor which reclines the chair at the same time as raising the footrest.
  • Electric Riser Recliner Chair (Single Motor) – The same as the standard electric recliner, but adds the function of raising the chair upwards while slightly tilting forward, helping you to an almost upright position.  Wired controller operation with this model.
  • Electric Riser Recliner Chair (Dual Motor) – The same as the single motor version, with the added feature of being able to adjust the position of the backrest and footrest independently of each other.  Wired controller operation with this model.  ‘Wall hugger’ feature not available.
  • Zero Gravity – This feature adds another level of comfort by raising the footrest an extra 11.6cm so that your legs are level with your head, ensuring optimum blood flow.  Available as an option on the Single Motor version only.  ‘Wall hugger’ feature not available with this option.

Please click the ‘Product Details’ button above for more details on the available pieces.

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