The Smeaton family have been making beds for over 125 years.

Healthbeds’ mattress fabrics are specially selected for their advanced properties and include knitted stretch fabrics with temperature control, moisture retention, anti-dust mite protection, and allergy reduction.  It is important that the fabric used in the manufacture of your bed not only looks attractive, but also performs a valuable role in the overall function and quality of the bed. Healthbeds’ mattresses are designed with no roll-off, reinforced edge supports to ensure total comfort and provide extra sleeping area. They also improve upon the flow of air and moisture through the mattress allowing the whole bed to breathe.

Their reputation has been built on a long-standing, unswerving commitment to quality, exacting standards, and traditional craftsmanship. They use only the finest materials, with each bed being individually produced and tested at every stage of production to ensure the highest standards are achieved in their state of the art, purpose-built factory in Rotherham.

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